change minor child name singapore


In Singapore, the deed poll procedure is fairly straightforward and most Singaporeans can change their names with near impunity.

However, changing the name of a child (a minor less than 21 years of age), while still a relatively easy legal process, does require slightly more effort. A child under the age of 21 cannot sign his own deed poll and requires at least one parent to sign it for him or her in order for the deed poll to effect his or her name change at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

In addition, to effect a change of name of a child less than 21, the ICA requires one parent to complete a consent form to declare that the minor’s other parent has also consented to the name change. What this means is that if you wish to change the name of a child less than 21 years of age in Singapore, you will have to produce two documents at the ICA:

  • The deed poll; and
  • The consent form by the other parent.

In the unfortunate event that the other parent is uncontactable or has died, the parent who has signed the deed poll must state this information on the Declaration Form accordingly.

It is also possible to have both parents come down to the law firm and to have both sign the deed poll on the child’s behalf.

What if I am divorced? Do I still need to get the consent of the other parent?

Unfortunately, if you are divorced, you will still require the consent of the other parent to effect the name change. In situations where the divorcee has sole custody and care and control of the child, there is the possibility that ICA may allow the name change to go through without the consent of the other parent. However, this is not guaranteed and subject to the ICA’s approval.

The Ideal Scenario

Ideally, both parents should sign the deed poll for their young child as this eliminates most of the possible complications that can arise at the ICA.

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